How to crop image to get a better picture?


Crop to re-adjustment the picture to have suitable viewing angle and highlight the subject.

Cutting off the excess does not make sense or corrupt the image, because when shooting we cannot choose another angle and make the picture more balanced. There are many situations of shooting in a hurry or fixed shooting position, or device limitation, the photo has a non-satisfactory layout, crop to re-layout for a pleasant look to each individual.

If you’ve ever participated in “Camera-free” discussions of Photographer club, you’ve been told about learning how to arrange the composition and learn how to crop images on a camera or phone. That way, you can have beautiful layouts and reduce the amount of time you have to deal with post-production. But, miserably, when you go home with cropped images so badly that disperses the background, distractions, and even the composition doesn’t look good. If you are a portrait photographer, even the smallest scattering object can push the attention of the viewer away from what you want to make them focus on. At times like that, instead of deleting the picture, I want to give it another chance. Memorable pictures are precious. Cropping the photos in post-production stage will give you another chance to recreate the frame for it, and there are many different ways you can do to get the success you want.

This is a picture I took in a museum. Visitors visit the scenery and move very fast, I just have to pick the phone up (LG V10) to take a quick shot so the layout is not satisfactory, there are many redundancies:

How to crop image example 1 before

Example: the picture after crop
Example: the picture after crop

There are some popular tool to crop a image / picture:

How to crop image in illustrator

  1. Draw a rectangle above the raster image.
  2. Select both the rectangle and the image
  3. Choose Menu Object > Clipping Mask > Make.
  4. Choose Object > Flatten Transparency..> OK

Please view this video for more information:

How to crop image in photoshop

  1. Select Crop Tool (or press C)
  2. Select ratio resolution you want (free, square or cicle…)
  3. Press and hold down left mouse button to resize new image.
  4. Choose Commit current crop operation or press enter to apply.

Please view this video for more information:

How to crop image in circle shape in paint?

It’s frustrating that there is no option whatsoever to crop an image in round shapes on MS Paint but we have to do that.

Free download

  1. Download here (link above)
  2. Extract and install
  3. Open
  4. Open image
  5. Select Ellipse icon or press S key
  6. Hold down Shift key and draw circle shape on your image paint.
  7. Click to Crop to selection
  8. Ctrl + S to save new circle image.

Please view this video for more information:

How to crop image in GIMP?

how to crop image in gimp

GIMP, the GNU Image Manipulation Program is available as a free download for the Windows, Mac OSX and Unix/Linux platforms. Download GIMP for Windows

Free download GIMP for Windows

  1. Open GIMP and select File > Open to open the file you wish to crop and resize.
  2. The file opens in a new editing window. Select the rectangular icon from The Gimp window.
  3. Move your mouse to the image window and select the area you wish to crop.
  4. Now select Image > Crop Image and the image will be cropped to the selection you made.
  5. To resize the image, click Image > Re-scale Image.
  6. Enter a new width and then click Scale. The image will be resized and the height will be automatically re-scaled using the width you chose.
  7. You may now save your file using File > Save as.
  8. If you need further assistance, please use the built-in help by clicking Help in The GIMP window.


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